Loss of heritage funding

Did you know that as a result of the Chaplains case (Williams v Commonwealth), the Commonwealth Environment Department (which includes Heritage) can no longer provide funding for community bodies including local historical societies and private heritage sites? Only those heritage sites on the National Heritage List can be funded. This means there are now hundreds of groups and projects just within Victoria that are now without funding or opportunities for future grants.

The Commonwealth Minister for Heritage, the Hon. Greg Hunt, wants to establish a National Lottery - the profits of which would be used to fund and support history and heritage. The UK has done this very successfully and there's every indication it would be just as successful here. PHA (Vic) supports this proposal and has written to our local federal MP Adam Bandt urging him to support it too. 

Below is the letter we sent. You can send one to your local member too.

Message from FAHS

Letter to Adam Bandt