Professional Historians Association (Victoria & TASMANIA)

The Professional Historians Association (Victoria & Tasmania) Inc represents a thriving, dynamic community of professional historians throughout Victoria and Tasmania who communicate history in diverse ways. Our members are academically trained and qualified, but work in the public field rather than in universities.

The skills of professional historians are invaluable in documenting, interpreting and presenting history on many levels and, accordingly, our members work in a variety of areas. Some professional historians consult, working on commissioned histories and short term contracts. Some work as heritage practitioners. Others work in museums, local councils or cultural institutions.

PHA (Vic & Tas) provides professional historians with support and assistance in their day to day work, promotes the discipline of history as a profession and encourages a high standard of scholarship and practice.  PHA (Vic & Tas) also assists individuals and organisations to engage the services of a professional historian.

PHA (Vic & Tas) maintains links with Victorian universities, government and heritage bodies, museums and local history organisations.

PHA (Vic & Tas) is a member of Professional Historians Australia. Under the auspices of this peak body, PHA (Vic & Tas) admits members in accordance with nationally recognised accreditation criteria and standards. All PHA (Vic & Tas) members are bound by Professional Historians Australia’s Code of Ethics and adhere to a nationally accepted and recommended Scale of Fees.

In 2016, Professional Historians Australia's Tasmanian members joined PHA (Vic), and in 2018 the association's name was changed to PHA (Vic & Tas). For information on PHA activities in Tasmania, or for a copy of a consultant's register for Tasmanian members, please contact:

Kathryn Evans,, (03) 6227 8527