Why Employ A Professional Historian

Professional historians accredited by Professional Historians Australia prepare and present historical material under accepted standards. They are academically qualified to bring broad historical knowledge, objectivity, and strong research and writing skills to a history project.

The process of producing accurate, thorough and lively history is time consuming and complex. That is why you need a professional historian who has the skills and experience to identify, collect and interpret research materials, obtain oral history and visual materials, and produce an engaging history that locates your story in a wider historical context.

Professional historians are adept at preparing material for specific audiences. History can be presented in a variety of formats including books, exhibitions, oral history collections, heritage guides and reports, and online and digital histories. Professional historians can help you choose and achieve an appropriate format within the budget you have available.

The skills of a professional historian complement other professionals such as archivists, archaeologists, anthropologists, architects, planners and lawyers. Professional historians can also play an integral role when implementing records management and archival practices; for example, in advising on records appraisal and disposal.

Anyone can commission historical work but care must be taken to find the right person for the job. The compilation of good history is a specialised activity that requires sound historical skills and knowledge combined with an appreciation of how to present information. So go for the best – the accredited professional historian!