Members of the Professional Historians Association (Vic & Tas) work in a wide range of history-related fields. Some have created their own consultancy businesses, providing services such as writing commissioned histories, collecting oral history and creating exhibitions, as well as compiling heritage studies and conducting significance assessments. Other members work in organisations that have history-related interests, such as museums, heritage bodies, archives, universities, local government and other public institutions. It is not unusual to find a professional historian whose career has covered more than one of these areas.

New members sometimes aren’t aware that they can apply their skills to such a wide variety of history-related fields. Even if they are aware, many are not sure about how to get there, what the work actually entails and what types of challenges they are likely to face. Networking with other members and coming along to PHA (Vic & Tas) events are great ways of learning more about what professional historians do.

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