Circa: The Journal of Professional Historians is a peer refereed journal published on an annual basis.

circa cover

Circa aims to publish work that reflects the many styles, themes and formats embraced by professional historians. The journal is professionally designed and heavily illustrated to bring the stories to life.

The journal provides a forum for all Professional Historians Association (PHA) members throughout Australia to publish work that reflects the diverse ways in which professional historians engage with history and practice in areas such as cultural heritage, museums, oral history, commissioned history, the media, education and government. Submissions may discuss pertinent ethical or philosophical questions, exhibitions or historical drama; be a piece of creative or reflective writing; explore the use of common or unusual sources; or examine a topical issue. Reviews of exhibitions, historical drama, books and other publications will also be included.

Initiated by PHA (Vic), Circa is produced by a voluntary Editorial Board. Financial support provided by ACPHA for the printing and distribution of Circa ensures that all accredited professional historians in Australia receive a copy of the journal. The journal is also distributed to state and territory libraries and a range of archives for public access.

In 2012 ACPHA announced the introduction of a prize of $500 to be awarded for the best article published in Circa. The prize-winner will be announced following the launch of Circa edition 3 in December 2012.

Copies of Circa can be purchased through PHA (Vic) for $25.00 including postage. Please contact us.